VWD Pre-Con

The von Willebrand disease (VWD) pre-conference brings together the VWD community to connect in a lively, engaging and supportive educational environment. This year, we will focus on the elements of reconnecting, rebuilding and refocusing as a community. We will explore the many ways that we as a community can help raise awareness of VWD and help those who are unaware of their status. We’ll also discuss new medical updates and NHF’s course of action with VWD. Sponsored by CSL Behring.

Navigating Virtual School At Home

During COVID-19, many children are now figuring out how to learn online through virtual schooling. Many parents and caregivers are now tasked with balancing work, online school, and child care. This session will discuss strategies, tips, and stories of how to navigate the online school and virtual learning with a child who has a bleeding disorder.


What does it mean to be a future leader of the Bleeding Disorders Community? Is it possible to make a difference at my chapter while I'm still a teen? If you're looking to get involved these questions are probably on your mind. Come meet members of NHF's National Youth Leadership Institute (NYLI), who will share how they've been able to make a difference through Education, Advocacy, and Chapter Work training. Not only are they making a difference - they're leveling up in the real world as a result.

Faith and Bleeding Disorders

Faith can provide many things to a person: comfort, love, and a community of support. But sometimes living with the realities of a chronic illness can result in a struggle between one’s beliefs and one’s day-to-day situation. In this session, we’ll discuss ways that faith can affect your perception of your bleeding disorder, how your bleeding disorder can affect your faith, and how to navigate the complexities and find a balance while still upholding your own beliefs. This session welcomes people of all faiths and beliefs.