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Key State and Federal Legislation

By using the interactive map above and clicking on either your state or the US Fed button (found off the coast of South Carolina), you can see whether Congress or your state legislature is currently considering, or recently passed, legislation in the following areas:

Medicaid – Are there proposed changes to the Medicaid program, such as: expanding eligibility pursuant to the Affordable Care Act (ACA); transitioning to managed care; or considering limitations on hospital stays or other types of provider visits or the number of prescription drugs that may be covered each month

Health Care Reform – Are there proposals for:  new requirements for navigators or certified application counselors (CACs); state innovation waivers; increased protections for enrollees/insureds in the health insurance Marketplaces; authorizing enrollees in Marketplace plans to pay their out of pocket expenses in monthly installments; or other significant changes to current law related to the ACA

Specialty Tiers – Are there proposals to limit the cost-differential between the out-of-pocket costs for specialty drugs versus less-expensive generic or preferred name-brand drugs

Prior Authorization (PA) – Are there proposals to develop a process to standardize prior authorization forms for medical procedures and/or prescription drug benefits to reduce barriers to timely access

Biosimilars – Are there proposals allowing the substitution of biosimilar drugs by pharmacists and what safeguards for patients are being considered

Standards of Service – Are there proposals to place patient safety standards on specialty pharmacy providers, such as those recommended by NHF’s Medical and Scientific Advisory Council (MASAC)

This list will continue to be updated as state legislatures open and adjourn their respective legislative sessions and will include recently passed or vetoed legislation, as well as currently pending legislation.  The status of currently pending legislation is updated periodically throughout the day.   

If your state legislature is: (1) not currently in session; (2) has not recently passed legislation in one of these areas that has been signed, vetoed or is awaiting action by the Governor; or (3) is in session but does not have legislation currently pending in one of these areas, then you may not find legislation in your state. States without legislation meeting this criteria are white on the map and will not respond if you click on them. NHF will update subject areas for key legislation as new issues that may impact our community arise.

NHF would like to thank our sponsor for enabling us to access CQ Roll Call for our state and federal advocacy efforts.  Without their support, this federal and state legislation page would not be possible.