The National Hemophilia Foundation is dedicated to helping individuals live a mentally healthy life. Between chronic joint pain, frequent medical problems, and hospital visits, the bleeding disorders population is susceptible to mental health problems, including stress and depression. Taking care of the mind and spirit is as important as taking care of the body. In collaboration with our chapter network we offer workshops on mental health that can be facilitated upon the request of chapter staff. These workshops are offered in both Spanish and English.

  • Basics of Mental Health
  • PTSD and Chronic Conditions
  • You Are What You Think
  • Talking About What Isn’t Talked About
  • Stress Management and Anxiety


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Mental Health Education Series

When you struggle with mental health, you and your family have questions and concerns that deserve special attention. NHF’s Education Series will provide just that – quality education and meaningful community support.

The Mental Health Education Series is offered at no cost to participants and is open to individuals and families from all around the world. Below is a list of upcoming and/or recently past events.

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Mental Health Webinars

NHF's online education provides free quality education on issues that matter to all members of the bleeding disorders community, from parents of young children to adults struggling with mental health. These webinars and webcasts bring the experience of expert providers and your peers directly to you. Watch the most recent mental health webinars listed below, or browse the complete listing.

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Wednesday Webinar Series

NHF's Wednesday Webinars are a free education series open to providers and community members. Watch the recent webinars, browse the full listing, or register to attend upcoming Wednesday Webinars, and learn about the latest in research, breakthrough developments, and more.

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