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Victory For Women with Blood Disorders


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Victory For Women with Blood Disorders

Victory For Women with Blood Disorders

Victory for Women (V4W) is NHF’s health initiative to address the critical issues faced by women with bleeding disorders. V4W has two main goals:

  1. to increase awareness of women’s bleeding disorders so that girls and women receive early, accurate diagnoses, leading to better health outcomes and
  2. to provide women affected by bleeding disorders with the education, support, skills and resources they need to advocate for their healthcare, financial and social support needs.

Current V4W projects:

Getting the word out

  • Educating healthcare professionals, girls and women by providing funding to NHF chapters for local projects
  • Piloting social marketing efforts to reach women via the Web
  • Implementing a targeted program to improve the likelihood that campus healthcare providers will recognize the signs and symptoms of bleeding disorders in college women, and refer appropriately for care

Providing resources and support

  • Grants to NHF chapters for the development of educational programs, as well as providing opportunities for skill building and empowerment for girls and women affected by bleeding disorders
  • Outreach efforts to inform affected community members about V4W, and encourage women to get involved with their local chapter
  • Encourage collaborative efforts among those in the bleeding disorders community to increase opportunities for girls and women to receive relevant information and support

Additional V4W Activities

  • Training for community members and chapter staff on issues relevant to women with bleeding disorders
  • Scholarships for women with bleeding disorders pursuing a certificate or degree in post- secondary education
  • Participation at health professional conferences
  • Development of Web site with information for healthcare providers, those who have been diagnosed, and girls and women who are symptomatic but not yet receiving care
  • Active participation in NHF’s Annual Meeting, organizing a number of sessions on topics of importance to women with bleeding disorders