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NHF’s Current Research Grant Cycle

December 12, 2018
NHF’s Current Research Grant Cycle

The National Hemophilia Foundation (NHF) is dedicated to improving the lives of people with bleeding disorders through the generation of knowledge and evidence. NHF’s research grant opportunities support researchers from various disciplines and with all levels of expertise. Only non-commercial institutions and investigators associated with a non-commercial institution are eligible to apply for these awards. All awards are competitive grants awarded through a stringent peer-review process. Three NHF application cycles are currently open.

Bridge Award provides $125,000 for one year to experienced hematology investigators who applied for an NIH or other federally funded research grants, received a score but were not funded. Proposals that fall within the categories of basic, translational, patient-oriented, and outcomes-based research are welcome as long as they relate to inheritable bleeding disorders.

Innovative Investigator Research Award (IIR) provides $60,000 for 12-18 months to any innovative-investigator from the hemophilia treatment center (HTC) multidisciplinary team researching projects which supports NHF’s goal of developing outcomes-related data.

Judith Graham Pool (JGP) Postdoctoral Research Fellowship provides early physicians and PhDs focusing on preclinical and basic science research with $52,000 a year for two years. Permissible proposal topics include the biochemical, genetic or hematologic aspects of hemophilia, von Willebrand disease, or other inherited bleeding disorder, hepatitis/liver disease, HIV/AIDS, joint disease/orthopedics, women’s health, or other therapeutic modalities pertaining to bleeding disorders.

JGP Letter of Intent deadline is 02/01/2019.

Applications for the Bridge Grant and Innovative Investigator Award are due 3/18/19.

For more information please visit the research section of our website. New award cycles are announced by email blasts throughout the year. If you do not receive them, please subscribe via the orange button above the top navigation.