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Medical and Scientific Advisory Council (MASAC)

NHF’s Medical and Scientific Advisory Council (MASAC) was created in 1954 to issue recommendations and advisories on treatment, research and other general health concerns for the bleeding disorders community. Over the years MASAC has issued more than 400 communications covering a wide range of medical issues, from prevention and treatment to infectious disease complications and women with bleeding disorders. Each year, MASAC establishes standard treatment guidelines. These are often referred to by international experts, medical schools, pharmacists, emergency room personnel, insurance companies and many others.

MASAC is composed of physicians, scientists and other medical professionals with a wide range of expertise on bleeding disorders, blood safety and infectious disease. It also comprises the chairs of NHF’s nursing, social work, and physical therapy working groups and consumers. MASAC usually meets two times a year to issue recommendations, which are then sent to the NHF Board of Directors for approval.

New MASAC documents are announced periodically in NHF Notes, NHF’s monthly e-newsletter. MASAC documents are always available through HANDI, NHF’s information resource center.