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Judith Graham Pool Postdoctoral Research Fellowships


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Judith Graham Pool Postdoctoral Research Fellowships

Judith Graham Pool Postdoctoral Research Fellowships

Letter of Intent Deadline: Friday, February 20, 2015
Application Deadline: April 21, 2015
Award Start Date: August 1, 2015

NHF’s premier fellowship program is named in honor of Dr. Judith Graham Pool. Established in 1972, the Judith Graham Pool Postdoctoral Research Fellowship program has provided a long legacy of support for basic science and pre-clinical research in bleeding disorders. In 1965, Dr. Pool discovered a method of extracting clotting factor from human plasma to formulate cryoprecipitate. This breakthrough opened the door to a series of research developments that would revolutionize treatment for hemophilia and ultimately lead to its current management through recombinant replacement factor therapies.

Eligibility Requirements

Candidates for the Judith Graham Pool (JGP) Postdoctoral Research Fellowship must have completed doctoral training and apply for the JGP fellowship award from a doctoral, postdoctoral, internship or residency training program. Individuals with more than six postdoctoral years of experience or 6 years after completing their medical training are not encouraged to apply.  Established investigators or faculty members are also not eligible. Established investigators or faculty members are also not accepted. U.S. citizenship is not required, but applicants must be affiliated with a U.S. domestic-based organization (such as universities, colleges, hospitals, agencies and/or laboratories). Only non-commercial institutions and investigators associated with a non-commercial institution are eligible for NHF grant funding.

The JGP fellowship award recipient will be expected to spend at least 90% of their working time on the funded research project. The remaining 10% may be devoted to teaching or clinical work that is relevant to the research. The JGP recipient and his/her sponsor are expected to remain at their institution for the duration of the project. Letters of support by appropriate institutional officials will be required for application.

Scope of Research

Permissible research topics include pre-clinical or basic science research on the biochemical, genetic or hematologic aspects of hemophilia or von Willebrand disease. Other topics might focus on liver disease, HIV/AIDS, orthopedics, women’s health, or other therapeutic modalities as they pertain to bleeding disorders. All fellowship applications are subjected to a rigorous peer review process. Applications will be reviewed on scientific merit and scored in terms of significance, approach, innovation, investigator and environment.

All interested candidates need to submit a ‘Letter of Intent’ by no later than Friday, February 20, 2015. Letters will be evaluated by members of NHF’s Research Review Committee who will collectively decide upon those candidates invited to submit a JGP application. Upon receiving approval, selected candidates will have until April 21, 2015 to submit their complete JGP application to NHF.

JGP letters of intent need to be on institutional letterhead and will not be considered for review unless signed by the applicant. Letters should be no more than 2 pages and include a brief introduction of the candidate/researcher, their mentor, institution and a description of the proposed research project. Letters must also include a CV (or NIH-style biosketch) for both the candidate and his/her mentor. You may address the content of your letter to “Members of NHF’s Research Review Committee”.

Letters of intent should be sent to Angelina Wang at NHF, 7 Penn Plaza, Suite 1204, New York, NY 10001. Any additional questions can be directed to