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Review the State of the Science Research Summit

Following the community listening sessions and working group efforts, individuals, families, and experts came together for the State of the Science Research Summit, on September 12-15, 2021.


Meet the State of the Science Steering Committee



  • Plenaries
    • Plenary for Session 1: Norm Fost, MD, MPH
    • Plenary for Session 2: James O’Donnell, MBBS, PhD
    • Plenary for Session 3: Peter Marks, MD, PhD
    • Plenary for Session 4: Wendy Kohrt, PhD
    • Plenary for Session 5: Keri L. Norris, JD, PhD, MPH, MCHES
    • Plenary for Session 6: Charlie Bailey, MD, PhD
  • What to expect
  • How to join
    • We encouraged everyone to attend and participate in the live panel discussions for each session.


View Panel Discussions