Revisions: 170; 179

In view of the demonstrated benefits of prophylaxis (regular administration of clotting factor concentrate to prevent bleeding) begun at a young age in persons with hemophilia A or B, MASAC recommends that prophylaxis be considered optimal therapy for individuals with severe hemophilia A or B (factor VIII or factor IX <1%). (1-4) Prophylactic therapy should be instituted early (prior to the onset of frequent bleeding), with the aim of keeping the trough FVIII or FIX level above 1% between doses. Optimal dosing and frequency should be determined for each individual by appropriate laboratory monitoring. (5)It is also recommended that individuals on prophylaxis have regular follow-up visits to evaluate joint status, to document any complications such as inhibitors, and to record any bleeding episodes that occur during prophylaxis.


There are no clear cut guidelines as to when to stop prophylaxis. Joint bleeds with subsequent joint destruction are a lifelong problem for these individuals. (6) Therefore, they may continue to benefit from prophylaxis throughout their life.


As always, a careful analysis of health risks and benefits must be performed by consumers and their healthcare providers. After a thorough discussion with their medical team, persons with hemophilia and their families should decide if prophylaxis is appropriate for them or their child. This decision should be evaluated periodically, particularly in light of emerging data and changes in bleeding pattern and clotting factor usage.


As is the case with all recommendations, MASAC will periodically reexamine this recommendation as new data emerge.



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