Sep 20, 2019

September 8, 2019 saw the passing of Donna Clausen Boone, RPT, MS, a long-time physical therapist who practiced for many years in the Southern California area. Donna was a strong proponent of the positive impact physical conditioning, exercise and rehabilitation could have on individuals with bleeding disorders. She worked with hemophilia patients, beginning in 1959 at the California Hospital in Los Angeles (LA) and later on at the hemophilia treatment center at the LA-based Orthopaedic Hospital.  

Donna went on to receive her MS in Biometry from the University of Southern California (USC) in 1983, and subsequently served for several years as a biostatistician at USC. She also worked on various education programs for the National Hemophilia Foundation and the World Federation of Hemophilia. NHF’s Physical Therapist of the Year Award is named in honor of Donna.

From 1993-1998 she joined Huntington Hospital’s hemophilia program as a physical therapist, working with long-time colleague and fellow advocate Shelby Dietrich, who recently passed away on August 12th.

Donna was married to Robert Boone, who has passed away. They had no children but are survived by many grateful patients and loyal friends.