Jul 12, 2022


NEW YORK – Dr. Marion Koerper, a legendary pediatric hematologist, is solidifying her longtime relationship with the National Hemophilia Foundation thanks to a new research fund established in her honor.

Elevating a Future of Research

Dr. Koerper’s relationship with NHF began in 1976 and, in the years since, has sparked a formidable impact within the inheritable blood and bleeding disorders (IBD) community. In partnering with NHF’s development team to establish the Dr. Marion Koerper Research Fund, an initial contribution (funded solely by Dr. Koerper and her husband, cardiologist Dr. Robert Blumberg,) and future donations will support research toward cures and treatments for inheritable blood and bleeding disorders.

Brett Spitale, vice president of advancement, called the fund the result of “a legacy of service, [and] lifetime of continued impact.”

Dr. Koerper received NHF’s Lifetime Achievement Award in 2019, as her impressive career in pediatric hematology has spanned five decades and is a testament to her care for the IBD community. Her work has consistently gone above and beyond in the pursuit of better treatment options and quality of life for the community, especially for children.

Inspired by a Legacy of Impact

Dr. Koerper’s relationship with NHF spans several decades, as she first aligned with her local Northern California chapter in the mid-1970s, and then helped create its first summer camp, Camp Hemotion, in 1978. (She served as its medical director for 38 years.) Koerper was also an instrumental supporter of the IBD community during the HIV/AIDS crisis, supporting new procedures to monitor and ensure the safety of blood supply in the United States. She also acted as co-chair of the NHF’s Blood Safety Working Group.

In 1987, Dr. Koerper joined NHF’s Medical and Scientific Advisory Council, acting as its vice chair from 2001 to 2018. She was also a member of NHF’s Standards and Criteria Chair Committee, chair of the Medical and Scientific Steering Committee. From 2011 to 2018, she served as the organization’s medical advisor, focusing on patient advocacy, education, and treatment standards.

Outside of her work with NHF, Dr. Koerper acted as director of the first hemophilia treatment center at the University of California San Francisco Medical Center (UCSF) until 2016. While Dr. Koerper has retired from clinical practice, she continues to serve the IBD community as a member of the World Federation of Hemophilia’s (WFH) Coagulation Products Safety, Supply and Access Committee.

Acting as an Agent of Change

Dr. Koerper hopes that her initial donation will encourage community members and advocates to continue support of inheritable blood and bleeding disorders research for generations to come. To join Dr. Koerper in supporting research, visit www.hemophilia.org/koerper.

For more information on the Dr. Marion Koerper Research Fund, contact Maureen Parsons at mparsons@hemophilia.org. Press inquiries may be directed to Ilana Ostrin at iostrin@hemophilia.org.