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Nurses' Guide Updates Student with a Bleeding Disorder Chapter

May 5, 2016
Nurses' Guide Updates Student with a Bleeding Disorder Chapter

The National Hemophilia Foundation’s (NHF) Nursing Working Group has been revising and expanding the Nurses’ Guide to Bleeding Disorders (NGBD). First published in 1995, the guide provides comprehensive information and practical ideas to assist nurses at all levels in caring for patients with bleeding disorders.

Over the last several years, the NGBD has further evolved into a readily accessible online resource, serving as an introduction to nurses new to the field and as an information source for more experienced nurses. New chapters, which continue to be added in downloadable PDF format, cover a wide range of topics such as orthopedics, pain, rare bleeding disorders and women with bleeding disorders.

In “The Student with A Bleeding Disorder,” Mary Lou Cygan, MSN, RN, CPNP (original author: Peggy Maier, MSN, RN), explains the pivotal role a nurse plays in facilitating the child’s transition to a new school, particularly one with limited experience with students with bleeding disorders. The chapter includes best practices to guarantee that a child’s physical and academic needs are being met, including educating school personnel, developing emergency medical protocols and enhancing parent-school communication/collaboration.

The authors also describe the various education plans available by federal law to students with hemophilia and other bleeding disorders. It explains individual education plans (IEPs) and individual family service plans (IFSPs), along with their legal underpinnings, outlining the specific services necessary for each child to gain the most from his/her educational experience.

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