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HANDI Highlights: Pain Management Resources

November 5, 2018
HANDI Highlights: Pain Management Resources

The holiday season is quickly approaching, and while it brings family and friends together, it is also often a frenetic time of  “festive prepping,”  with extra cooking, cleaning, shopping and traveling to loved ones. While these are often key ingredients to a wonderful family gathering, it is important to remember not to let self-care be lost in shuffle. As we all know pain, unfortunately, does not take a holiday. HANDI, NHF’s information resource center, would like to highlight some resources to help you better manage pain and better enjoy the season!  

Pain and Bleeding Disorders: New Clues for Relief (NHF’s HemAware Magazine)
Research continues into better management techniques.

Communicating with Your Provider About Pain (Part of NHF’s Collaborating in Care program)
Improve your understanding of how pain affects people with bleeding disorders, learn about guidelines for managing pain and resources for communicating with your provider on pain issues.

Female Bleeding Disorders and Joint Pain (NHF’s HemAware Magazine)
What women with bleeding disorders should know about this common problem.

Pain Management (NHF’s Steps for Living)
Learn about the components of pain and some tips for its management.

4 Mind-Body Pain Management Techniques to Try (NHF’s HemAware Magazine)
Non-drug methods may help manage bleeding-disorders-related pain.

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