Nov 2, 2021

Community member and NHF supporter Jim Christensen has been granted the Rosen Award from Ameritas. With this award, NHF received a $20,000 grant in Christensen's honor, which will support  he organization’s work to cure inheritable blood disorders and address and prevent the complications of these disorders through research, education and advocacy.

The prestigious Lester A. Rosen Humanitarian and Achievement Award is given annually by Ameritas to one of the company’s independent financial representatives. The recipient is someone who has achieved great professional success while maintaining a high level of commitment to community service. The Rosen Award was created in 1996 to honor Rosen’s lifetime of service to the insurance industry, to Ameritas and to his community of Memphis, Tennessee.

A resident of Omaha, Christensen selected the National Hemophilia Foundation to receive his Rosen Award grant because he was born with hemophilia A and spent his childhood in a wheelchair or on crutches. His involvement with the National Hemophilia Foundation began over 30 years ago with the local chapter of NHF in Nebraska.

Dr. Leonard Valentino, NHF CEO and President, shared this about Christensen: “Jim exemplifies what is so special about the inheritable blood disorders community. His boundless compassion for others has led him to a career with Ameritas that helps others, and a passion for raising awareness and providing education around hemophilia and similar chronic diseases. This honor shows how Jim has successfully combined his career and passion and has ultimately made a positive difference in the lives of countless families.”

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