NHF is proud to announce that the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has approved for inclusion on its National Health Observances calendar each March as "Bleeding Disorders Awareness Month" beginning this year. This special month aims to foster a stronger sense of unity and shared purpose among individuals in our community with all inheritable bleeding disorders, and elevate awareness and engagement in our journey beyond our community.

“Bleeding Disorders Awareness Month,” which has been included by HHS as a National Health Observance, formalizes and expands upon the  designation 30 years ago of March 1986, as “Hemophilia Awareness Month” by President Ronald Reagan. NHF will officially launch the awareness month during our Washington Days advocacy event on Thursday, February 25.

“Whether you have hemophilia, von Willebrand disease or a rare factor deficiency, you are part of close-knit, interdependent "family," the bleeding disorders community,” said Val D. Bias, NHF CEO. “I am so proud of our community, my NHF team and HHS for making this month—our month—possible!”

Stayed tuned to NHF’s social media platforms for more information and help spread the word about Bleeding Disorders Awareness Month this March.