Jan 6, 2017

The National Hemophilia Foundation’s (NHF's) Nursing Working Group continues to revise and expand its Nurses’ Guide to Bleeding Disorders (NGBD). The latest chapter that has been updated is "Travel and Vacation Planning." First published in 1995, the guide provides comprehensive information and practical ideas to assist nurses at all levels in caring for patients with bleeding disorders.

Over the last several years, the NGBD has further evolved into a readily accessible online resource, serving as an introduction to nurses new to the field and as an information source for more experienced nurses. New chapters, which continue to be added in downloadable PDF format, cover a wide range of topics such as orthopedics, pain, rare bleeding disorders and women with bleeding disorders.

In “Travel and Vacation Planning,” Susan Hunter, RN, BSN, describes the various ways in which travelers affected by a bleeding disorder can prepare for trips away from home. The chapter’s primary emphasis is advanced planning and resources. Hunter stresses the importance of discussing key travel-related issues with your hemophilia treatment center (HTC) staff, including the packing and storage of factor products and other medications, identification of HTCs and emergency rooms along the travel route, and confirming reimbursement coverage with one’s insurance provider.

The author cites various helpful resources from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the World Federation of Hemophilia and NHF. The chapter also includes several sample travel letters for situations that necessitate a written explanation of an individual’s bleeding disorder, along with the requisite treatment(s) from his or her doctor, to emergency room physicians and other personnel.  

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